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Dealounge is an online deal platform serving the lower middle market. We expand the audience for slow-moving deals, get more “eyeballs” on the deal, and then connect the interest from motivated, hungry buyers.

Deals go sideways all the time, due to factors that are beyond the control of the investment banker. Sellers often have unreasonable expectations on valuation. The “usual suspects” don’t always jump on that new deal. Management teams get distracted by the deal, and take their focus away from growing the company.

When that happens, Dealounge is a great platform to get the deal back on track. Dealounge is like Hotwire to the deal business: just as Hotwire allows hotels to list their unsold inventory anonymously, Dealounge allows bankers to list their slow-moving deals on a no-name basis, while remaining anonymous themselves. We put the teaser into our own format, so nobody knows that it’s your deal. We maintain that anonymity until we connect you with the buyer, and we never interfere in your process. Best of all, listing a deal on Dealounge is FREE.

Buyers benefit from seeing deal flow. Our deals represent an opportunity for them, because the seller is realistic in their expectations.

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