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When we took the decision to sell our software company in the healthcare industry, we had a strategic acquirer already in mind, and that company was owned by a private equity firm. Erik’s firm speaks the language of private equity, and they were an effective facilitator as the transaction evolved, particularly as the private equity firm conducted detailed due diligence. They managed the interface with the private equity firm and the due diligence process such that we were able to focus on continuing to run our business throughout the transaction, and the upshot was that we were able to track to our projections. The result was that the deal closed, at the valuation that we sought."

- Greg Moore, SVP of Innovation, One Call Care Management

The deal business is changing rapidly. Companies today want more control over their process. They want to run their own deals, using a platform for distribution and occasional advice.

Companies don’t want to be entirely on their own out there, but they can “DIY” their deal, with some help and guidance, and with the aid of a platform such as Dealounge. Companies can leverage the power of the Dealounge platform, either by listing their company for sale, or by raising capital. Companies that wish to sell themselves must be of size, and must let us engage in due diligence for a period of 30 days before we list them on the platform.

For companies seeking new capital, Dealounge has pioneered a concept called Officer-raised Financing that allows active members of the management team to tap directly into our audience of 100,000+ individual accredited retail investors.

Typically these financings have similar characteristics:
  • $1- $5 million sought
  • Convertible note offering, i.e. not a priced round
  • Often a bridge and can replace a seed round, and possibly an A round
There are many crowdfunding platforms. These sites tend to look like Craigs’ List or even the yellow pages, where it is difficult if not impossible to stand out from the crowd. Dealounge does not engage in crowdfunding. Officer-raised financings are available to our audience only and are not shown publicly or advertised. Investors who want to see the deals first become our subscribers.

Please contact us if you have an interest in either selling or raising capital. Let’s get started!

Need a CFO? Through our partner company, we offer CFOs, contract-to-hire, either part-time or full-time. There is no buyout or recruiting fee at the end of the contract, which lasts 6 months.