Harness the power.
Investment Bankers

Dealounge is a database and a distribution platform that makes the process of getting a deal out more efficient, and also expands the audience.

Sometimes, a process goes sideways. It’s often not the banker’s fault. Sellers get distracted during the deal, and the company stops growing. Or, they have unrealistic expectations on valuation. There are many reasons that a deal can get off track.

When that happens, it’s time to “widen the net” on that deal. Let’s get more eyeballs!

We expand your process by adding buyers that you don’t already have. What allows us to do this is what we call the Hotwire factor: the ability to list a deal anonymously on our platform.

It’s a given that our materials don’t mention your client by name. We re-write your teaser on our own format so that buyers can’t discern who the BANKER is either. There’s no downside risk of listing your deal, because buyers need to sign an NDA to connect, and to sign an NDA, they first need to subscribe to Dealounge. Listing a deal on Dealounge is free.

Pushing a deal to a subset of our audience allows the banker to leverage our database to find buyers who have portfolio companies in that industry, or are actively seeking a deal in that industry. Please click the link to the subscriber page below to learn more about fees for using our push technology.

As long as the anonymity is maintained, there is no downside to more buyers seeing your deal. Our function is to connect; we are paid by our buyers. Dealounge is there to enhance your process, not interfere with it. You are still running the deal.

We also feature a matching algorithm that enables us to take existing buyer lists out of your CRM (in Microsoft Excel), and suggest buyers that may not be on your buyer list. We have different buyers than other data cubes such as Capital IQ, and we can often find buyers that are incremental to your process. We provide this service free of charge if deal is listed on the Dealounge platform.