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Private Equity
There are deals, and there are deals.

The best deals from a buyer perspective are proprietary deals. Unfortunately, those deals often feature an under-motivated seller, or a seller that is just flirting. It’s not a real process until the seller retains an investment banker. Then, they have invested in the sales process.

The next best deals are the ones that feature a motivated seller, and the banker has gone to the “usual suspects”, and now they want to expand the process. We specialize in that deal type.

Why is that deal type a good one?
  • The seller at that stage may be more realistic about valuation
  • The competition on the deal is more manageable
  • The buyer has some leverage around term, structure, timeframe of transition, etc.

How we work:

All free members of our audience are on a free trial. Deals that are listed on the website can be seen by all users, free or paid. Additionally, certain deals are pushed to firms that have indicated an interest in that industry, or have a portfolio company in that industry.

Before we connect a buyer to a deal, the buyer must subscribe to Dealounge. There are various “flavors” to our subscriptions, which are described on the subscription page. On the first connection, we charge a flat fee of $99.

Please visit our subscription page to view our subscription options.